About Our Business

MCR is a one-stop shop for small businesses and individuals
seeking a variety of services to include but not limited to:

* Word Processing - transcribing, resumes, letters, etc.
* Desktop Publishing - fliers, business cards, brochures, etc.       
* Bookkeeping
* Paralegal Services - uncontested divorce, contracts, document
* Notary Services
* Consulting Services (Conceptual Development & Marketing)  

We offer affordable alternatives to hiring support staff so
you can save time and money and still have quality products.

MCR works with a solid network of professionals that help
get the job done in a timely and thorough manor.

We provide you with the research reviewed and approved by
industry professionals so that you can make informed
decisions about your business.  Then we help you put your
plan into action.

So let MCR Business Solutions help you get out to the
starting box and into a profitable run
About Us